Automatic Captioning and Transcription Software in Schools

VDEI is currently implementing the use of CaptionConnect an automatic real-time captioning and transcription software (ACTS) that provides access to the school curriculum for deaf and hard of hearing students and improves their learning opportunities.

Participation in this initiative will enhance your school's inclusive environment and will provide a wonderful opportunity for students to utilise this technology which will improve learning outcomes for all deaf and hard of hearing students across Victoria.

ACTS captures the teacher's voice via a small microphone and converts the speech to text, which is then displayed in real-time on a student's device or on a screen at the front of the class. Following the lesson, the teacher can listen to the audio of the lesson and the transcript can be edited and published for students to use as a study resource. Individual student voices will not be captured, captioned, or transcribed by the software during class lessons.

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