VCE EAL trial listening tasks

Yarra Valley Grammar developed a set of captioned videos that present ten trial listening tasks that are suitable for deaf and hard of hearing students who were completing the ‘Listening to Texts’ component of part VCE EAL (English as an Additional Language) examination.

While such tasks are no longer part of VCE VM (Victorian Certificate of Education Vocational Major), they may be useful for other aspects of a student’s learning. The VCE VM is an applied learning program which is completed over two years. Its intention is to prepare students for non ATAR pathways, for example, direct entry into the workforce, apprenticeships, traineeships or further education

The following captioned videos are a set of ten trial listening tasks for the VCE EAL 'Listening to Texts' component of the VCE EAL end of year examination, suitable for deaf and hearing-impaired students.

Yarra Valley Videos

The Learning tasks booklet accompanies the videos and includes worksheets, answers and transcripts for the videos.

The tasks are designed to help students develop their skills in listening to and viewing authentic conversations. They feature Australian accents and vernacular. They can be used as learning tasks in the classroom, for homework, or as assessment tasks.

These tasks will help prepare students for the Unit 3 and 4 VCE EAL Examination Section A 'Listening to Texts'.


Thanks to the staff of Yarra Valley Grammar School and the Deafness Foundation for their invaluable assistance with the production of these resources.

Thanks to Jon Cliff of Pencliff Consulting for video production and to the VDEI Caption Centre for applying captions to the video recordings.

Published by BooBook Education May 2018.

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