VDEI Caption Centre

Established in 2011 as a Resource Development Project funded by the Victorian Deaf Education Institute (VDEI), the VDEI Caption Centre supports schools in captioning their educational media resources. Through the work of the VDEI Caption Centre, the institute supports the vital role that specialist educators play in enabling improved curriculum access.

The VDEI Caption Centre offers this fully-subsidised captioning service for deaf and hard of hearing primary and secondary students in Years Foundation-12. This service is available to all Victorian Government, Catholic and Independent schools.

Captioning is available for -

·         ClickView media (Exchange content section)

·         YouTube clips

·         Victorian Virtual Learning Network Lessons

·         Film

·         Educational videos

·         TV broadcasts

·         Teacher and student-produced media


The aim of the VDEI Caption Centre is to caption educational media being used by schools to ensure deaf and hard of hearing students have full access to the curriculum and support materials.

The VDEI Caption Centre also captions all digital resources in VDEI's Professional Learning catalogue, which features a wide range of blended learning opportunities, including online On-Demand presentations, elearning modules and short courses.

Submit a Request

In order to submit a request please complete the request form below. Your school will immediately receive a reply email from VDEI confirming the timeline for completion of your captioned materials

Please provide media to the VDEI Caption Centre as either a link to the project or shared via Google Drive. These can be included on the request form.

All captioned media will be returned via email as an MP4 file, ready for schools to download.

Request form

Copyright Exemptions

To comply with copyright legislation, there are certain requirements that must be met before submitting media for captioning. For comprehensive information please refer to - Copyright Guide Making Content Accessible - A Guide to Navigating Australian Copyright Law for Disability Access - Copyright Guide

The VDEI Caption Centre staff will happily provide assistance/advice to assist in complying with copyright legislation.


If you have a question about the VDEI Caption Centre, please email caption.centre@education.vic.gov.au