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NAIDOC Week 7 – 14 July 2024–-14-july-2024NAIDOC Week 7 – 14 July 2024National NAIDOC Week celebrations are held across Australia in the first week of July each year, to celebrate and recognise the history, culture, and achievements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.2024-07-04T14:00:00Z
Deafblind Awareness Week Awareness Week24-30 June 2024 marks Deafblind Awareness Week, when people with deafblindness and multi-sensory impairments are celebrated for their achievements and contributions to our communities. This year’s theme for Deafblind Awareness Week is ‘Connect to Act’, which aims to encourage communities to learn more about the lived experiences of deafblind young people and adults.2024-06-23T14:00:00Z
Education Week 2024 Spotlight on STEM Week 2024 Spotlight on STEMThis week from 13 to 17 May we celebrate Education Week, an annual celebration of education in Victoria. This year’s theme is ‘Spotlight on STEM’ and highlights the importance of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics in our classrooms and everyday lives.2024-05-13T14:00:00Z
Closing the Gap on Hearing Outcomes: The Listen to Learn Initiative the Gap on Hearing Outcomes: The Listen to Learn InitiativeAddressing hearing loss is critical to empowering Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children to achieve educational outcomes and developmental milestones. The Listen to Learn program is succeeding in closing the gap on hearing outcomes and enhancing the children’s ability to communicate, listen, learn, and thrive at school. There is an increase in the children’s development of language skills and importantly, their connection to culture through yarning and storytelling.2024-04-23T14:00:00Z
Auslan Day DaySaturday 13 April 2024 marks Auslan Day, an annual day of celebration for the Australian Deaf Community that marks the publication of the first Auslan dictionary by Professor Trevor Johnston in 1989.2024-04-11T14:00:00Z
World Autism Awareness Day Autism Awareness DayTuesday 2 April marks World Autism Awareness Day 2024 and recognises the significant proportion of young autistic people who are diagnosed with various types of hearing loss.2024-04-01T13:00:00Z


Featured Learning

VDEI Caption Centre

Captioning Service

The VDEI Caption Centre provides schools with captioning services for their educational media, ensuring access to the curriculum and supporting materials for deaf and hard of hearing primary and secondary students. This service is available to all Victorian Government, Catholic, and Independent schools.

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Caption Centre Library

The VDEI Caption Centre hosts a Library with a broad range of captioned educational media spanning various subjects across the Victorian Curriculum. Victorian schools can access and download these resources to assist deaf and hard of hearing students in the classroom.

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Strategic Plan 2021-2023 Plan 2021-2023The Victorian Deaf Education Institute’s (VDEI) vision is to contribute to improvement in the educational outcomes for the more than 4,000 students in Victoria who are deaf or hard of hearing by strengthening the knowledge and practice of the professionals and communities that support them. The Victorian Deaf Education Institute Strategic Plan 2021-2023 outlines VDEI’s commitment to achieving this vision.

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