Welcome to 2024

As we embark on another year, the Victorian Deaf Education Institute (VDEI) is excited to continue our mission to improve outcomes for more than 4,000 deaf and hard of hearing students in Victoria.

Throughout 2024, VDEI will continue to identify and promote leading practices in teaching and learning, ensuring that our approach is at the forefront of educational research. Our goal is to foster improved access to the curriculum and promote inclusion for all deaf and hard of hearing students.

VDEI is dedicated to enhancing the educational, social, and wellbeing outcomes of deaf and hard of hearing children and young people by strengthening the knowledge and practices of the professionals and communities supporting them. By reinforcing networks for knowledge-sharing and capability building, we also aim to contribute to the formation of a local and global learning community.

Acknowledging the crucial role played by Teachers of the Deaf and allied professionals, VDEI is committed to supporting them in creating inclusive and fulfilling educational experiences for deaf and hard of hearing students. We achieve this commitment by providing high-quality evidence-based professional learning programs that empower educators and professionals to support the unique needs of deaf and hard of hearing students.

By actively engaging in partnerships with schools, early childhood programs, universities, and other professional organisations, we ensure that we understand the impact of deafness on learning and the challenges faced by deaf and hard of hearing students in their educational environments.

VDEI looks forward to 2024 being another year of making a positive impact on the lives of deaf and hard of hearing students by continuing to build inclusive and supportive educational environments filled with opportunities for growth, discovery, and success.