Transition to Secondary

Transition to secondary school for students who are deaf or hard of hearing (Government schools, Catholic or Independent schools).​

Are you beginning secondary school soon?

Hopefully this page will help. The video on this page shows teens who are deaf or hard of hearing talking about what it was like for them to go to secondary school.

Below the video are some links that might help you prepare for secondary school or might help you when you’re in secondary school too. Show your Mum and Dad as well, there are a few pages there that might be helpful for them too.


Helpful links for teenagers


Safe is a safety and awareness group work programme aimed at deaf children aged seven and over.

Deaf Awareness: Talk Normally

These films have been created for the Look, Smile, chat campaign - simple steps can make a big difference to deaf teenagers' lives.

Helpful links for parents and carers​


Educate, Empower, Protect Our kids