Abilities Based Learning and Education Support (ABLES) professional learning

New ABLES professional learning is now available to build your knowledge and skills in using ABLES effectively in your classroom and school to better support students with disability and diverse learners.

ABLES is a unique assessment and reporting suite aligned to the Victorian curriculum that helps teachers to identify and monitor the learning readiness and progress of students with disability and diverse learners. 

ABLES aligns with Disability Inclusion reforms, and the Victorian government’s approach to inclusive education, which incorporates a range of initiatives to help build knowledge and skills in inclusive education across the school system.

In these new self-paced professional learning modules, you will explore each of the ABLES assessments and reports using different primary and secondary school student examples. The modules will help build your knowledge and understanding of the purpose of ABLES and how it supports implementation of appropriate and effective teaching and learning strategies that are responsive to individual student’s needs. 

There are 3 modules to complete. Each one will take between 30 and 45 minutes. Click here to access the ABLES professional learning.

For more information on ABLES, see the Abilities Based Learning and Education Support page on the department’s website.